Spice Islands' Knits division is located in Tirupur, South India. Tirupur also called the Knit city produces 60% of all knit garments out of India for leading international brands meeting social compliance requirements. The estimated turnover from garment exports is nearly $3-$4 Billion.

Tirupur's proximity to mills hundreds of mills within a 100 Km radius-makes it an ideal location for garment manufacturing activities due to easy availability of raw materials. There are plenty of independent printing and advanced embroidery units ensuring adequate trained labour available as and when required.


Our facility is equipped with over 100 machines, dedicated to production activities. Current production capacity (per year) is approximately 500,000-600,000 pieces in house and 300,000-350,000 pieces from dedicated units.

Customers are supplied with weekly Production Status Reports (PSR's) so that they can keep track of the progress on all orders placed with us. This allows us to ensure timely delivery, which is essential to both the customer and Spice Islands.


All embroidery work is outsourced to specialized vendors who comply with our quality control. Turn around time for both hand embroidered garments and machine-embroidered garments is around 70,000 pieces a month.

Washing, Garment Dyeing& Printing

We have tied up with several vendors to provide our customers with washing, dyeing and printing solutions for garments. Almost all types of wash treatments and printing techniques are available.


Spice has a special focus on sampling and product development. We have a dedicated sampling unit at our Knits facility.The unit is equipped with the latest machines and experienced operators to handle any kind of sampling with a short lead-time.

Our design teams in Mumbai and Los Angeles provide customers with fabrics/trims solutions as well as designs as and when they are required. They also source various fabrics in a range of colours and density depending on what the seasonal trend is. This is used to create a library, which the customer can refer to if they choose to.

Quality Control Measures

Attention to detail is of prime importance and following the customer's guidelines and criteria for quality standards, we regularly carry out inspections as per our customer's requirements.

At our Tirupur facility, we have a dedicated team that monitors the quality of all products. We use a three-stage approach where a 4-point system is used at the fabric inspection stage, followed by in line inspection and 100% inspection upon completion.


Social Accountability 8000

Spice is dedicated towards being an ethical business entity that prioritizes employee welfare and adheres to local and international laws. Our factories comply with all social requirements vis-a-vis prevalent laws of the country. These have been implemented using SA-8000 norms and are duly certified by requisite agencies. Apart from this, our factories have also been audited by Target of USA and have been issued factory codes as per 2012 norms under the aegis of specific US based importers.

We are also currently in the process of undertaking audit for certification under WRAP and DISHA under the aegis of the Association of Export Promotion Council (AEPC) India.