We have two dedicated manufacturing facilities for our woven division located in Mumbai and Bangalore.


Our Mumbai facility manufactures Men's shirts, Women's tops and also such products requiring special hand embroidery. We also have the necessary facilities for an independent sampling unit. This facility is used for making day-to-day production samples, prototypes and bulk sales samples. Our manufacturing in Bangalore is spread across 4 units, equipped with over 1000 machines with the latest technology. The production capacity at this facility is approximately 250,000 pieces per month.

Customers are supplied with weekly Production Status Reports (PSR's) so that they can keep track of the progress on all orders placed with us. This allows us to ensure timely delivery, which is essential to both the customer and Spice Islands.


All embroidery is outsourced to vendors complying with our strict quality check. All machine embroidery is done on multi-head automatic machines and specialized hand embroidery through highly skilled operators.


We deal in all types of fabrics, i.e. from Coarse counts to Superfine ones and from counts to 2 ply types. Our mills manufacture and process solid, prints and various other fabrics and can do minimums of 1000 yards per design. This provides our customers with the flexibility of doing smaller production runs.

Quality Control Measures

Our team including the pattern master monitors quality control, for all in house production. Apart from our own internal quality control, we also conduct AQL 4 inspection.


We have received approvals from GAP and have been audited by H&M.